Medford Knife & Tool Eris CPM S35VN Black PVD Tumbled

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Medford Knife & Tool Eris CPM S35VN Black PVD Tumbled

Medford Knife & Tool Eris - Drop Point - Tumbled CPM S35VN Blade - Black PVD Titanium Scales

The Eris is named after the second largest Dwarf planet in our solar system. It is a BIG... little knife. With a 1.99-inch long blade, it should keep our fellow Americans who live in knife "unfriendly" cities around this amazing country, from getting into blade-size conversations with police. This little knife won't de-pant our suit wearing customers and when you open a letter or box at your office, your co-workers won't buckle at the knees. The ergonomics of the knife will please as you go about life's smaller knife tasks.

Complete with hard case, certificate of authenticity, instructions, and box. We are an authorized MKT dealer.

Total length: 4.75"
Blade length: 1.99"
Total thickness .685"
Closed Length: 2.75"

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