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Common Instructions Are Here Focus, Change Key, New Lock Combo


Instructions for keying up your new Ford Focus ignition can be found here:


Instructions for installation of Triple 12V/ACC Outlet here:



Instructions for using Sargent & Greenleaf three wheel change keys can be found here:



Instructions for using Sargent & Greenleaf four wheel change keys can be found here:



Brand new S&G safe lock combinations:


Your brand new safe lock may be set on "50" or "41." Usually it is "50." To open a lock set on "50", turn the dial left until 50 aligns with the opening index the fourth time. Now turn the dial right. It should stop at about 95, if this is the correct combination and the lock is operating correctly. In some cases, the lock will open when dialed left at least four times to 41 then turned right until the dial stops at about 86 or 87. This is because the lock has been mated with a dial that is splined at 41 rather than 50.

Complete Instructions for installation and combination changing can be found here:


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