Major Floor Safe Door 7" T20 With Removable Dial

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Brand new replacement Major 7" T-20 Door Part#3300-01 with removable dial

  • Unitized U.L. Group II key changeable lock with randomized opening positions defends against drill attacks.
  • Drive resistant dial and spindle blocks sledgehammer attacks
  • Door, 6-5/8" clear opening, is 1" thick solid steel
  • Door is securely closed by three 5/8" drive resistant locking bolts
  • A positive relocking device jams locking mechanism in the event of a forced entry attempt
  • Recessed locking mechanism protected by a large carburized hardplate
  • If you don't need a removable dial, order Part#3300-01 here: Major Floor Safe Door 7" T20

NOTE: Pictures above are showing a USED T-20 door. You will receive a BRAND-NEW safe door.