Medford Knife & Tool Theseus Tumbled D2 Bronze Anodized Titanium

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Medford Knife & Tool Theseus Tumbled D2 Bronze Anodized Titanium

Medford Knife & Tool Theseus - Tumbled D2 Blade - Bronze Anodized Titanium Scales

Theseus was an ancient Greek hero that killed the Minotaur in ancient Greek mythology. When I designed this knife, it had a primordial feel and seemed so minimal and sexy in its simplicity. The blade is a classic drop-point style that is light, with its false edge, yet would leave a vicious wound channel. This knife really is the result of my evolving philosophy about blade and handle thicknesses and materials. The clip is 1-of-a-kind and not only works extremely well as a slide-in-place clip but also as a total departure from the obvious knife clip. 

I love this knife!- GM

Total Length: 9.25in
Blade Length: 3.625in
Blade Thickness: 0.190in
Blade Width: 1.5in
Scale Thickness: 0.1875in
Total Thickness: 0.625in
Closed Length: 4.75in
Weight: 8.8oz

Complete with hard case, certificate of authenticity, instructions, and box. We are an authorized MKT dealer.

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