Sargent & Greenleaf 3006-102 Pivot Bolt USB Audit Lock

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S&G 3006-102
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Sargent & Greenleaf 3006-102 Pivot Bolt USB Audit Lock

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Sargent & Greenleaf 3006-102 Pivot Bolt USB Audit Lock (Audit Trail Software Sold Separately)

Recommended for professional installation only unless using as an exact same replacement for your existing lock. Feel free to send us a picture of your safe before purchasing so we can determine if this lock will work on your particular safe if you have any doubts.

 Lock, keypad, mounting hardware, installation and operation instructions included.

Our warranty on this product is strictly limited to replacement of the product if defective within 6 months of purchase. It does not cover safe openings, service calls, user error, improper installation, etc. Product has to be returned to us to determine if our warranty applies.

 S&G® Audit Lock 2.0 Model 3006 (Pivot Bolt)

Security is about more than safeguarding your assets. It’s also about knowing who accessed them—and when. The Sargent and Greenleaf® Audit Lock 2.0 is the ideal solution for more advanced security. Banks, retail outlets, small offices and other businesses can rely on this lock to provide high quality, informative security. 

With a new digital platform, the S&G Audit Lock 2.0 is now more flexible and specific to your application. This commercial grade electronic lock with audit trail capabilities is not only more secure, it is also quicker to install. Users find it easier to operate, particularly when operating multiple locks repetitively. Best of all, this affordable lock is faster, simpler to program and offers more advanced features and functionality.

Audit Lock 2.0 Features:

  • 1000 time and date stamped events
  • Fast download to USB flash drive 
  • Save as PDF, Excel, Word or Txt file
  • View, print or email
  • No need to mail keys!

Audit Lock 2.0 Model 3006 Features:

  • Field programability via keypad for single control, dual control and manager /employee modes (up to 30 users) 
  • Non -Solenoid construction eliminates the threat of vibration and bouncing attacks 
  • Pivot bolt™ 
  • Management reset code in the event the master code is lost 
  • Bright chrome ring
  • Increased clock accuracy
  • Integrated user interface with three keypad LEDs (green, yellow, red) for lock status indication 
  • Low battery indicator signals when batteries (easily changeable 9-volt batteries) need replaced 
  • Time delay of up to 99 minutes 
  • Penalty lockout feature to deter random code entry attempts 
  • Audible and visual signal from lock every time the bolt extends to the locked position 


  • UL Type 1 
  • EN 1300 
  • Vds Class 2 
  • A2P B/E 
  • ECB-S 
  • CNPP

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