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2 Hour Fire Rated Safes


Our American-made U.L. Rated 2-Hour Fire Safes offer the ultimate in fire protection for your valued documents and photographs. These safes also carry the U.L. Residential Security Container rating (models 1812/2 and up) for burglary resistance. An excellent choice for your home safe needs, and made right here in Syracuse, NY!

There are six sizes to choose from (although not all are shown here on our website) and bolt-down hardware is included for easy installation. Consumer Digest chose one of these safes as their #1 choice for consumer home safe protection.

Fire safes are designed to provide protection of the safe’s contents against damage caused by fire. Just as burglar safes are not “burglar-proof”, fire safes are not “fire-proof” – they only provide resistance to a certain type of fire for a certain period of time – hopefully long enough for the fire department to arrive and extinguish the blaze.

 Purchase your safe from a well-known and reputable supplier like Fradon Lock Company, not just someone you have found on the web that seems to offer the lowest price.