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Lectro Trucks

All Lectro-Trucks and Lectro-Truck parts ship directly from the manufacturer, made to order. Occasionally it may take as long as three weeks to receive your order, but more often it will take approximately two weeks. We ship directly from the factory because the warranty on the battery starts from the moment it leaves the factory, and we wish to provide you with the freshest product with the longest warranty possible.

We have been using Lectro-Truck products for more than 30 years. Please feel free to call for advise on the right model for your application. If you are close to the Syracuse, NY area, stop by for a free demonstration and some training time as well. Lectro-trucks are work horses, and will give you years of good service with proper maintenance and usage. Replacement parts are available and we can also arrange for an overhaul of your present machine. Please call for details, 800-447-0591.

Who uses Lectro-Truck? Government, schools, safe movers, appliance movers, office supply companies, vending machine companies, HVAC companies, and many more.