Big Red Replacement Mosler 302 Group 2 Lock Kit

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Big Red Replacement Mosler 302 Group 2 Lock Kit

Big Red Mosler 302 Group 2 Replacement Lock Kit

  • UL Listed Group 2 safe lock
  • The Big Red Mosler replacement locks maintain original UL Safe Listing.
  • Only safe lock with double locking brass wheel levers and inner brass wheels featuring exclusive DeadLoc Technology to prevent combination number jumping
  • Heavy duty lock case reinforced for more punch resistance
  • Brass locking bolts, not zinc
  • 1/4-28 brass drive cam, not zinc
  • Lock case and lever nickel plated for corrosion resistance in harsh environments and longer cycle life
  • Endurance tested
  • Includes spyproof 1/4" black & white dial with black rubber grip and choice of 3 different spindle lengths 
  • Dial rings factory modified to mount directly to Mosler safe doors with NO MODIFICATION
  • Signature trademarked red anodized aluminum wheels assures you its a Big Red

Kit contains:

  • 3 wheel CDL-3 Mosler lock with flush bolt installed, 2" & 3" lock bolts, satin chrome dial with black rubber grip and satin chrome dial ring, extra lever screw, key locking cylinder, key locking dial insert, 2 spline keys, change key, mounting screws and operation instructions.

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