Lagard 1777 Dial & Dial Ring Set

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LG 1777
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Lagard 1777 Dial & Ring put together.

Lagard 1777 Dial & Dial Ring Set - - Updated, modern, design.

You are purchasing new, original Lagard stock.This part is not returnable if it has been installed or modified in any way.

Includes dial, dial ring, dial ring screws, spline key, and dial ring bushing. For use with ALL Lagard mechanical combination locks.

  • Satin chrome dial with black numbers and satin chrome dial ring.
  • Dial can be converted to key locking with parts sold separately.
  • Die cast spindle length - 4" (102mm) x 5/16"
  • Dials have cast spindles long enough to accommodate a 3.4 inch door thickness. Dial spindle may be splined on "41" or "50", our choice.