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Sargent & Greenleaf 6120-305 Electronic Safe Lock

Super Sale!!!  Sargent & Greenleaf 6120-305 Electronic Safe Lock With Satin Chrome Keypad Housing

We purchased way too many of these locks, so we have drastically reduced the price! Stock up now and save big! These products have NO warranty period left from the manufacturer, but they are guaranteed to be 100% new, fully functional, original product as shipped to us. The price reflects the current warranty situation. 

Recommended for professional installation only unless using as an exact same replacement for your existing lock. Feel free to send us a picture of your safe before purchasing so we can determine if this lock will work on your particular safe if you have any doubts.

Lock, keypad, mounting hardware, installation and operation instructions included.

Our warranty on this product is strictly limited to replacement of the product if defective within 6 months of purchase. It does not cover safe openings, service calls, user error, improper installation, etc. Product has to be returned to us to determine if our warranty applies.


- One step operation - enter the combination, wait for bolt to retract (you can hear it) and open

- Automatically locks itself when you shut the safe door and return the safe door handle to the closed position

- Allows you the freedom to change the safe combination any time you like

- Up to 8 individual combinations can be assigned and removed with the Master code (each combination utilizes 6 numbers)

- Offers a time delay of up to 9 minutes if you choose to use it

- Fits many safes, but not all safes - utilizes an industry standard footprint for mounting

- Uses two 9 volt batteries for operation. Batteries are good for approximately 8,000 openings. Provides an audible signal when it is time to change batteries. Duracell batteries are recommended.

- Automatically shuts down for 5 minutes when four incorrect codes are entered in a row.

- Easy programming and installation instructions are provided, intended for professional use.

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Note: You are purchasing locks that do not have any warranty period left. Standard Warranty: S&G warrants the 6120 for two years from the date of shipment from S&G's factory. The locks shall be free from defects in material and workmanship, provided they are normally and properly used according to S&G's written instructions. All warranties are executed directly through S&G.